Genre:  Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Parody
Reading Challenges: Discworld 2009, 7 for 100+ in 2009

Here is where it all began, the birth of the Discworld series, and the introduction of perhaps the most incompetent wizzard (yes, that is wizzard with a double z) in all of literature: Rincewind.  In this book we find the first mention of the fascinating twin cities of Ankh and Morpork, and of course we are able to observe the benefits of owning luggage made from sapient pearwood.

You might be wondering, why would I possible only give this book a 3 star rating?  I first read The Color of Magic almost 10 years ago, when I stumbled upon it while browsing in the University of Utah bookstore during a break between my graduate school classes.  I was looking for something entertaining and light, something that would take my mind off the boring business text books that required so much of my time.  The book delivered.  I was immediately hooked, and over the last 1o years I've read all 36 of the Discworld novels.  So, why 3 stars? Who, or what, has outshone this Discworld classic?  The answer is easy, it's Terry Pratchett himself.

The Discworld novels have only gotten better as Pratchett keeps writing, both in complexity and execution.  After reading Thud! (number 34), my favorite Discworld novel of all time, The Color of Magic feels a little less polished, and I realize how spoiled I've become.  I'm trying to remember how I felt the first time I read this book, but I can't.  I've lost the remembrance in the haze of too many books over too many years, but it must have really blown me away.  I remember buying the next four books in the series at the same time, so it must have impressed me.  That isn't to say that this book isn't good.  It is!  It just can't compare to later Discworld novels.  So, if you haven't ever visited Discworld before, start at the beginning, so you can appreciate this book for yourself, in the way it should be.  One caveat, it does end with a bit of a cliff hanger, so have The Light Fantastic handy.
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  1. bella.lee Says:

    I love all the Discworld books, and I agree the series just gets better and better. I can't wait for his new one in October!

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