Stephanie Meyer is a phenomenon. Whether you like her books or not, she has generated a devoted following, particularly for the Twilight series. Stephanie released her first adult novel, The Host, last year, and it is a complete departure from the series that first made her famous.

If you have been following the tour, then you already know the premise, but maybe you haven't heard it from the alien point of view. In The Host, Earth has already been conquered by an alien force, and only a few isolated groups of human resistance remain. The aliens are parasites who are implanted surgically into the brains of the lifeforms they choose as hosts. Already, they have colonized multiple planets; Earth is simply another colony for them. Wanderer, as she is known among her species, if anything but an inexperienced traveler. She has lived many lives on many planets, but has never found a permanent home.

After her arrival to Earth, Wanderer is implanted into the body of a "wild" human, Melanie Stryder who was caught in an attempt to save another human rebel. Wanderer is expecting to simply assume control of her new host, including assimilation of all of Melanie's memories. However, Melanie refuses to relinquish control, and Wanderer finds herself fighting for control of the body she now inhabits. She also finds herself overwhelmed by the strength of Melanie's emotions, especially the love the Melanie feels for those she left behind; her little brother Jamie and the man she loved, Jared Howe. Soon, Wanderer finds herself falling in love with Jamie and Jared herself as she is overcome by the force of Melanie's emotions. Wanderer and Melanie become unwilling allies in a quest to save those they both love.

I love science fiction. The Host is a science fiction novel, but it is character driven, and the science aspects of the book are simply part of the background. I especially enjoyed the audio version of this book. Some books are better suited than others for listening, and this is a great one. If you enjoy audio books, let me encourage you to give this one a try. The book is read by Kate Reading, a popular voice in the audio book world, perhaps best known as the voice of Kay Scarpetta in many of the audio book versions of Patricia Cornwell's popular Scarpetta series. You can listen to some samples of The Host audio book here: Prologue

I also found some great trailers and videos devoted to The Host on youtube. I'm embedding two of my favorites:

First, a fan-made trailer for the book. This video won first place in a contest that was held on livejournal.

As always happens with a great book, there is speculation and hope that eventually a movie will be made. Below is one fans casting ideas for the movie. Take a gander, and see if you agree.

I also thought it would be fun to do a poll for those of you who are familiar with Stephanie Meyers works. I enjoyed both Twilight and The Host, but overall I preferred The Host because I found Wanderer to be a stronger character than that of Bella. I'm curious to see what all of you think.

Which character did you like better?
Bella Swan from Twilight
Wanderer (or Wanda) from The Host
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Finally, I have one copy of The Host to giveaway! I thought it would be fun to have a one day giveaway. This giveaway is like the book itself: fast, fun, and with almost instant gratification. To enter, please leave a comment to this post, with a specific comment about the post. If you only write, "please enter me," I won't be counting the entry. The giveaway starts now and ends today at midnight. We will use a random number generator to determine the winner, and notify them via email. Please provide us with your email as it is the only way we have to get in touch with you! We will also post the winner tomorrow. The contest is only open to residents of the US and Canada, and unfortunately, we are unable to ship to P.O. Boxes. You can earn additional entries by posting about this contest of your blog, or becoming a follower or subscriber.

I'd also like to give a shout for my fellow blog tour participants. The tour has been great so far, and there are already some great contests going. If you are just joining the tour, check out what you've missed, and the complete schedule here.

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  1. Nely Says:

    I would love to be entered into your giveaway. Although I've read the host I don't actually own it and I would love to have it in my bookshelves.


  2. I would love for the chance to win this book. I've only read Meyer's Twilight series and would like to read more of her work.


  3. gaby317 Says:

    I haven't read the Host yet but really enjoyed the Twilight series. I'm interested in the Host because I enjoy scifi and as your review points out, the main character in the Host isn't as pliable as Bella.

    Please count me in. I'm a follower and enjoy visiting your blog!

    gaby317nyc AT gmail DOT com

  4. I never read the twilight series :( but have heard wonderful things about it and Stephenie Meyer

    lavery328 at yahoo dot com

  5. bridget3420 Says:

    Count me in


  6. sharon54220 Says:

    Please enter me. I haven't had the opportunity to read any of her books.



  7. Maria D. Says:

    WOW! This sounds like it would be a good read! I am currently in a horrible reading rut. I need something new to read for sure!

    mariadelgado32302 at yahoo dot com

  8. Linda Ellen Says:

    I already have a copy, so please don't enter me into the giveaway, but I do want to thank you for your review. I didn't read The Host yet, but I'm definitely going to read it after what you have written about it. Thank you! =)

    Happy Readings!

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