Valerie, at Hachette Book Group, has kindly given me five copies of this book to giveaway to five lucky readers! This book sounds like a great read. I will be posting a review in the near future, so stay posted.

More about: Off Season by Anne Rivers Siddons (Information provided by Hachette Book Group)

Acclaimed novelist Anne Rivers Siddons's new novel is a stunning tale of love and loss.

For as long as she can remember, they were Cam and Lilly--happily married, totally in love with each other, parents of a beautiful family, and partners in life. Then, after decades of marriage, it ended as every great love story does...in loss. After Cam's death, Lilly takes a lone road trip to her and Cam's favorite spot on the remote coast of Maine, the place where they fell in love over and over again, where their ghosts still dance. There, she looks hard to her past--to a first love that ended in tragedy; to falling in love with Cam; to a marriage filled with exuberance, sheer life, and safety-- to try to figure out her future.

It is a journey begun with tender memories and culminating in a revelation that will make Lilly re-evaluate everything she thought was true about her husband and her marriage.

Contest Information and Guidelines:
The Facts
The giveaway starts today, June 22nd and will run through Monday, July 20th. We will use a random number generator to determine the winners at that time and notify them via email. Please provide us with your email as it is the only way we have to get in touch with you! We will also post the winners here on the site. The contest is only open to residents of the United States and Canada. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to P.O. Boxes.

To enter, simply leave a comment to this post. You can get an additional entries by:
1. Post this giveaway on your blog. Please provide me with a link to the URL.
2. Become a follower or subscriber, or just let us know if you already are.

Good luck!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Love the description and cover. Please sign me up!
    stacybooks at yahoo

  2. Tea Says:

    I would love to win a copy of "Off Season" by Anne River Siddons. I will follow you too.


  3. Tea Says:

    I don't see where to follow you?????

  4. Irene Yeates Says:

    Yikes, I have been wanting to read this book since it was released! Please count me in.

    cyeates AT nycap DOT rr DOT com

  5. Irene Yeates Says:

    I now am following you in my Google Reader!

  6. sharon54220 Says:

    WOW!! Sounds like a great book. Please enter me.


  7. sharon54220 Says:

    I am also a follower.


  8. Anonymous Says:

    Looks great! Count me in! :)

  9. bookjourney Says:
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  10. Anonymous Says:

    I also blogged about your giveaway - check it out here:


  11. Anonymous Says:

    I am posting you on my sidebar as blogs I follow...

  12. cqueen2 Says:

    would love to read this


    wadesherry@hotmail dot com

  13. Lee Says:

    This sounds like a good book. Please enter me.


  14. Anonymous Says:

    I'd love to win


  15. rubymoon Says:

    I love this author so something new by her is a wonderful find. Include me please!

    rubymoonstone at gmail dot com

  16. rubymoon Says:

    Subscribe to you by RSS feed to Google Reader.

    rubymoonstone at gmail dot com

  17. gahome2mom Says:

    I saw your posting at Book blogs. :)

    gahome2mom at gmail dot com

  18. runner04 Says:

    This looks like a great book. Even if I don't win I think I will have to get and read this book. Thanks for your great contests.

  19. budletsmom Says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book.


  20. budletsmom Says:

    I am a follower.


  21. Marie Says:

    I would love to read this, I have liked some of her other work but it's been a while since I've read a Siddons book.


  22. I have liked some of her other books, and I'd love to read this one. I am an RSS reader of your blog, but I'll confess to having to take a look at the actual page always because I think your format is lovely. I just posted both your contests on my blog. http://www.panhandleknitandsew.blogspot. com.


  23. Deb Says:

    I love Ann Rivers Siddons.

  24. Debbie Says:

    Looks like another winner!

  25. Linda Says:

    Anne Rivers Siddons is a favorite author; I'd love to win Off Season.

    I subscribe to your blog through Google Reader.


  26. Luvdaylilies Says:

    Looks like a really good book!

    Luvdaylilies at bellsouth dot net

  27. cpullum Says:

    Count me in would love to read this book! Great summer read!

  28. heatherzilla Says:

    I love Anne Rivers Siddons. Please include me in the giveaway. heatherzilla(at)care2(dot)com

  29. Dixie Says:

    I'd love an entry.

  30. Dixie Says:

    I did a post a couple days ago about this book promo and I've added your link to the post.


  31. Dixie Says:

    I'm already a follower of your blog.

  32. Belinda M Says:

    Please include me in your giveaway.

    Canadian Contests, Freebies, Coupons, Deals, Games and Chat - join us at CoolCanucks.ca


  33. Belinda M Says:

    I follow

    Canadian Contests, Freebies, Coupons, Deals, Games and Chat - join us at CoolCanucks.ca


  34. Hilarie Says:
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  35. Victoria Says:

    I would love to win this!

    Thank you!

  36. Miss Remmers Says:

    I am so excited about this giveaway! I'm really looking forward to reading My Name is Will! I am a follower and I posted about the giveaway on my blog. Link is below.

    Miss Remmers


  37. Dana Says:

    This seems like an interesting read. Dana

  38. Sandee61 Says:

    I don't have a blog yet, but will certainly let others know about yours. I enjoyed it very much. I love hearing about new or even old books, I'm always reading. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thank you!



  39. CherylS22 Says:

    Sounds like a good read - please count me in!

    megalon22 at yahoo dot com

  40. CherylS22 Says:

    I follow

    megalon22 at yahoo dot com

  41. ChristyJan Says:

    Please enter me to win a copy of OFF SEASON


  42. ChristyJan Says:

    I'm a new subscriber


  43. Tonia Says:

    I love Ann Rivers Siddons. Sign me up for a copy!!

  44. scottsgal Says:

    I really enjoy her writing - please count me in for this one

    msboatgal at aol.com

  45. scottsgal Says:

    also a follower
    msboatgal at aol.com

  46. kalea_kane Says:

    This sounds wonderfully sad and moving. Please enter me!


  47. kalea_kane Says:

    I am also a follower of your blog.

    Thanks again!


  48. amanda Says:

    I'd love to win!
    oheeyore at hotmail dot com

  49. amanda Says:

    I am a new follower.
    oheeyore at hotmail dot com

  50. kalea_kane Says:

    I blogged your giveaway here:



  51. Jenny Says:

    I would like to enter. Thanks


  52. afineday Says:

    This looks like a very intersting read! Thanks for the chance to win a copy of it!

    brc668 (At) gmail (dot) com

  53. afineday Says:

    I subscribed via email

    brc668 (At) gmail (dot) com

  54. Anonymous Says:

    This sounds wonderful!


    I am subscribing via RSS to google? (I think that is how you 'say' it). If I ever figure out details on my blog, I will add a tag.

    Great Blog!

  55. etirv Says:

    Please count me in!

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