Be sure to check out Booking Through Thursday to see what everyone has to say! I have been pretty lucky of late as almost I've enjoyed almost every book I've read. There is one that sticks out though, although I am in the minority on this one. I really didn't enjoy, "The Strain" by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan, and after completing over half the novel I finally decided to leave it unfinished. I still can't put my finger on exactly why I didn't like this book. I really had high expectations, and am usually very appreciative of new entries in the vampire genre. I also had high hopes that Del Toro would create something truly amazing, as I have enjoyed his work in the past; I mean, I even loved Hell Boy and the sequel, and don't even get me started on Pan's Labyrinth. I think my dislike was the result of the vampires themselves. I don't want to ruin the plot for anyone, so I won't describe the origins of the vampires in this novel in detail, but this was probably what killed this book for me. There was also an ick factor involved for me. As I said, I think I am one of the few that really didn't like this book, and since I didn't finish it in its entirety, I don't feel qualified to write a full-fledged review. What books have disappointed you lately?
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